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Welcome to GMG Radio

GMG Radio is an afro, hip-pop online radio station that has gained immense popularity in a phenomenally short time. 

GMG Radio is an available resource of the actual flow of information, which comes from the background of the most fashionable music. GMG Radio is as open to the listener as possible.
GMG Radio is a game, in all its manifestations, and the audience is closely involved in this game: interactive, promotions, contests, flash mobs, BTL.
GMG Radio is the signature shows of the best DJs of the world and Ukraine; exclusive communication with the stars of the world afro, hip-pop scene; the ability to always be aware of the trends of modern life.


- Modern, popular, afro, hip-pop radio station. Active dynamics of development.
- High brand loyalty. The longest listening time among a regular audience.
- Combined communication with listeners: in addition to the radio broadcast, contact support through gaming integration, Internet, BTL, flash mobs, public events, etc.
- The ability to attract sponsors and partners in off-line GMG Radio projects.

GMG Radio listeners are active buyers and consumers: the majority of the audience are well-to-do and well-to-do people.

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